Trials of dating on campus

Why are there so few relationships on campus? Is it because no one wants to be in a relationship? Is it the ratio? Let’s see what Howard University students believe.

In a poll of 40 people, majority Howard students, 43% of students said that guys still ask girls on dates, 33% said no, and 25% said that they just “Netflix and chill.” Based on the information gathered from the poll, a majority of students are not being courted.

A group of freshmen guys said that they don’t have the funds to take women out on dates and feel like they shouldn't have to. Older male students on campus said most of them do the same thing. A few did say that they would take a girl out on a date only if they really liked her. This generation believes that texting is the new dating, and plays a huge part in the talking stage.

The talking stage is what most the male students considered important in getting to know a woman they liked. Then they proceeded to say they would invite her to their room to “Netflix and Chill.”

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